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We redesigned the entire campaign. You can read more about the changes here…. on our tumblr We also made huge changes to the promo video, which is embedded above. We are also announcing that GGs personal zine Road Heart Volcano 7 will be available in digital form form as a free bonus to anyone who pre-orders the zine in the $10 backer category, and to anyone in a higher bracket upon request. This will only be a possible deal for the remaining 9 days of the campaign. Its 25 pages of high resolution, vivid collage, art, poetry, and magick which touches on topics such as gender, identity, self care, and trauma.

check out the new changes on our indiegogo campaign page

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Our Official Indiegogo Campaign Page

As of February 5, 2017, we totally redesigned the campaign and the video, to reflect some important discussions, realizations and insights our team had recently.

We launched our campaign about two weeks ago, focusing on the theme of Radical Hope. During this dark and terrible time, we wanted to explore hope as a radical act of resistance. In addition we are interviewing Kook Teflon, Cristy Road, and Venus Demars. There is still time to submit poems, art, rants, recipes, etc, by the way, and if we reach full funding, we will be able to pay our contributors a sum for their effort. We recently increased this amount. 1000 is an unusual amount to raise for a zine, and as a result we feel we needed a stronger focus on three key things: working with a local independent printer, paying our contributors for the first time, and increasing our print count if possible. during this dark time, we can bring this work of magick and activism to new levels of visibility, exploring what “radical hope” can mean.

We are also happy to announce that GG got published in an anthology about queer magick…. called Arcane Perfection. Published on demand and online, and edited by Dylan Moore and Pat Mosley, it is 500+ pages of fierce as fuck queer witchery. Also, Gods and Radicals published her article “Trump and the Babbler in the Void” Which you totes should read the fuck out of. She will also be reading some of her poetry and other writing at “Resistance is Not Futile” a night of poetic catharsis at Obsidian in Olympia WA on February 26 2017

Finally, the collective largely responsible for this zine, is called Oly Witch Crew, and it now has an official wordpress, which you can check out here. . We also have a facebook group. and a planning meeting coming up in a few days.

If you have any difficulties obtaining a zine, email us directly at upthewitchpunx@riseup.net .
Copies of issue #2 and issue #3 are very limited. We have about 15 of issue #2 and less than ten of #3.
These have color front and back inside and outside covers. Once they run out, they will only be available
in black and white, abridged, with some content removed and some added.

Also… Patheos can suck demon milk out of my ice cold Teat

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"It won't be the witches that are burning this time."
--Blackbird Raum

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