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july 2018

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The Up the WXPX: Radical Hope zine project started in 2017 and derailed due to violence ,twice requiring i be hospitalized for suicidal impulses. I have had CPTSD ,so this has been hard.
donors, have been very understanding, even though their zines/rewards are nearly 2 years late . Our writers who needed payment we have paid. I am finally housed and safe. But half the donor money was stolen in summer 2017 and the other half was used to get the campaign half way finished. The rest of funds and savings had to be used for survival. What savings i have have to be spent surviving in a overpriced part of Seattle . Im here because this was the housing i could heal in , and it comes with the price of more poverty.
I am doing one final push to try to get all the zine stuff sorted and mailed . I am posting a link people can use to donate if they wish.
will consider it my duty to sort all this … whether ppl donate 400$ or 10$ . but i have to ask, as a professional print run would cost around 117$. & i still need funds for postage, and for printing enough back issues.

anything you can do makes a difference


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"It won't be the witches that are burning this time."
--Blackbird Raum

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