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the digital version of ‘Up the Witchpunx: Radical Hope’ is finished. It will soon be available on Cutlines Press as a downloadable PDF . Special thanks to Dylan and associates for helping so much with online publishing. Backers of our campaign will get special download codes for this.
Also check out Flowers of Praxis, another zine (a sort of bonus zine, and a companion to Radical Hope) which is available also on CL for download free/sliding scale!

Radical Hope features…

Cristy Road
Kook Teflon
Rust Belt Jessie‚Äč
Dylan Ce
Adrianna Lopez
Christian L Villanueva Rivera
Mellissa Chthonia
ELJ Yuhasz
Misha Moon
and many others!

Our original Tumblr Post

Also… the anthology I submitted a piece to just hit $11,229, nearly twice its original goal!


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"It won't be the witches that are burning this time."
--Blackbird Raum

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