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email change

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The new official email for all things UTWPX zine related is upthewitchpunx@riseup.net. I am sorry to anyone who has sent emails to horse9@riseup.net to find it was eaten by the mailer daemon. I had to make a new riseup alias due to spam.

The original plan was a spring issue and a fall issue for 2016. We are still planning on two issues per year but due to unexpected personal problems there had to be a delay. The plan is for two issues to be released some time between August and December. There will be a kickstarter campaign fairly soon and this time rewards may include 3d printed wxpx merch!

If you have any submissions/art/poetry/rants please send them to me at upthewitchpunx@riseup.net. Anything about radical witchcraft is great though in upcoming issues we are focusing on topics such as: the role of the witch in the surveilance state, hope as a radical act, and the current explosion of punk as fuck tarot projects.

<3 Ave Babalon <3

-gg Irkalla


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"It won't be the witches that are burning this time."
--Blackbird Raum

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