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Upthewitchpunx.com loves you! This site is about witch punx; witch punk zines, fashion, and culture; and the zine Up the Witchpunx by GG Irkalla.

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We finally moved out of our horrible apartment. it was an overpriced mold-infested studio in a heavily gentrified section of downtown olympia. Now we rent two rooms in a beautiful witchy punk beach house on the outskirts of olympia. This move has been extremely good for my physical and mental health. After 3 years of awful black mold exposure I am finally beginning to detox. Tasks with the zine which were a huge struggle before, are now beginning to come together more easily.

We have suffered a lot of setbacks with Radical Hope, such as the theft of several hundred dollars from our lock box and my declining health. But we are working very hard to get settled into our new office /living space/temple, and in the next few weeks The final stage of the zine will be much easier to get through. I truly believe we can look at officially releasing all zine related material this October.

Thank you for your patience!

    You can see video and pix of our moving process and new temple space/work space
  1. here
  2. here
  3. here
  4. and here

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The Resilience Anthology is… “the largest collection of literature to exclusively feature transgender women and CAMAB (coercively assigned male at birth) non-binary writers.”

I am honored that my short piece, “Godless, I am a Rose” will be in this anthology. It is a Babalon-inspired gnosis, a trio of vignettes about schizophrenia, the Lilit, sex magick, initiation, ordeal, and spirit work. Guaranteed to piss off christians, terfs, and your dad.

Check out the Kickstarter and tell your friends about it!

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"It won't be the witches that are burning this time."
--Blackbird Raum

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